Trustworthy Gold Coast Piano Removals

Piano removals is a specialized task involving its own set of challenges. At Gold Coast Piano Removals, we take immense pride in bringing to you the best piano and pool table removal services in Gold Coast. As a company that has been in this trade for more than 30 years, we offer complete removal with storage and piano tuning services. We have served residential and institutional customers with pride and offer the following services.

Piano & Pool Table Removals

Piano and pool table removal requires skills, tools, and expertise that home removal companies lack. This is where we bring our expertise to play and assure our customers of safe and easy removals. Once you hire us for the job, you won’t have to worry about the removal of the piano irrespective of how big your piano is or the accessibility of the current or destination location. We have a modern fleet of custom-built trucks and hydraulic lifts to help us execute the task flawlessly.

Tuning of Pianos

Pianos don’t go out of tune during a usual move. However, the difference in temperature and humidity and the size of the room can affect their tuning. We have skilled piano tuners in our team who can tune your pianos when required. We also carry out small repair and touch-up jobs that your piano might need after the move.

Storage Services

Don’t worry if you wish to store your piano for the short-term or long-term when you are switching locations, moving out for a job, or simply need more space at your home. We have a state-of-the-art climate-controlled warehouse for the safe storage of your piano. We take the necessary steps to protect your prized possession from dirt, dust, and humidity.

Check out all the details of our services on our website or get in touch with our team and we shall be happy to assist you.