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piano removal
piano removal

    Hire Experienced Tradesman for Gold Coast Piano Removals
    Want your piano to be moved to Gold Coast? You won’t have to look elsewhere as would be happy to help you with the Heavy Lifting.

    At Gold Coast Piano Removals, we have been in this trade for more than 30 years and take pride in being the most trusted piano and pool table removalist in Gold Coast. As a company that is known for its skills and workmanship, we move all kinds of pianos including Grand Pianos, Upright Pianos, Pianolas, and Organs. Whether you wish to move your piano to a different room or a new location we are the right team for such moves.

    Experience Piano Removalists

    We aren’t ordinary home removalists but a company that specializes in moving pianos and pool tables. As a team that is focused on this niche, we have skills, tools, and expertise that is hard to match for generalist moving companies.

    Over the last three decades, our team has executed thousands of moves successfully serving residential and institutional clients. Irrespective of the challenges at your location such as a tricky staircase or small doors, you can rely on our team to help you with the move without causing damage to the equipment or property.

    We understand the sentimental value that you attach to your piano and hence leave nothing to chance. At Gold Coast Piano Removals every move starts with detailed planning. From packing your piano to measuring the dimensions of the doors and access points, we spend time planning to prevent any mishaps during the process. Our team commits to a safe move for every project we take up and we live by our commitment.

    We are a fully licensed and insured company, and this offers you complete peace of mind during the move. Our team executes every move meticulously planning for every foreseen challenge. Should a move go wrong or there is any damage to the equipment or property, our insurance would protect you against any liability. We enjoy an untainted reputation thanks to our commitment to providing steadfast services to our customers.

    What is the Cost of Gold CoastPiano Removal?

    We don’t promise you the ‘cheapest’ service in town, but we have priced it competitively for our expertise and the process we follow. We are committed to offering you the best rates for safe and timebound moves. Several factors decide the cost of piano removals, and these include –

    • Size of your piano or other instruments
    • Number of instruments being moved
    • Location and distance of the destination
    • Accessibility of both the location

    Our team would offer you a detailed and all-inclusive quote based on your requirements. As an honest and professional company, we don’t surprise our clients with hidden costs!

    Upright Pianos

    Upright Pianos

    It is always a massive challenge to move upright pianos, but we have a team that is equally up for the task. These heavy pieces of equipment can weigh up to 400kgs. We bring in the required expertise and tools to carry out these moves safely without causing any damage to equipment or the property.

    Our expert removalists plan out every move and execute the plans professionally.

    Grand Piano

    Grand Pianos

    Grand pianos need to be dissembled during the move to prevent any damage. Our expert removalists deconstruct portions of your piano before the move to ensure their smooth transit. We reassemble them at your destination and tune them back.

    “We were incredibly relieved when our Grand Piano made it to its new home. It's been in the family for years, and we are very happy with the work put in by Gold Coast Piano Removals to make sure it was done properly. Would recommend them to anyone." Belinda (Gold Coast)


    Why Do I Need a Piano Removalist?

    Your home removalist can move a piano, but they would still lack the skills and expertise that a piano removalist brings to the job. Pianos are delicate and they must be handled with care during the move. Our team specializes in this task, and we ensure you of quick and safe moves.

    Are You Insured?

    Yes, we are a licensed company and carry insurance to protect you from any liability during the move. If there is any damage to your piano, pool table, or property during the move all expenses shall be taken care of. We have maintained a clean record in Gold Coast Piano Removals for more than 30 years.

    How Would You Move My Piano to the New Location?

    We have a fleet of customized piano removal trucks that help in keeping your piano safe and prevent any damage during the removal. We also use hydraulic lifts to enhance safety.

    How Will My Piano Be Stored?

    We have a large and climate-controlled warehouse for safe and easy storage of pianos over the long and short term. Our storage rates are the most competitive you will find anywhere on Gold Coast.

    How Soon Can You Move My Piano?

    We assure clients of a quick turnaround time. However, we don’t sacrifice quality and safety for executing jobs quickly. Our projects at hand, the size of your piano, and the distance between two locations decide the turnaround time. Contact our team and we would be able to offer you details on these.

    Why Should I Hire You?

    We have survived in this trade for 30 years and this is a testimony to the quality of services we have offered to our clients. We are specialists in this business and do the job more professionally than an average removalist would do.

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    If you have any queries regarding Gold Coast Piano Removals or would like to know more about our service, do feel free to get in touch with our team and we would be happy to assist you.

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